The capital market regulator’s new debt disclosure norms that kick in from October 1 are a double-edged sword. It requires listed companies to disclose their loan defaults, which would instil credit discipline among borrowers. Non-payment of interest to banks by a day could lead to downgrade in a company’s rating.
Warner Bros and MGM have released the  first official poster for the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, starring Alicia Vikander as the globetrotting archaeologist Lara Croft. The reboot comes more than 15 years after Angelina Jolie first brought the video game adventurer to the silver screen. The new Tomb Raider finds Croft as an ordinary 21- year-old living in London. Haunted by the apparent death of her archaeologist father (Dominic West), she soon sets out on a high-stakes mission to find him, reported Entertainment Weekly.
From 16th century whale bone or wood sewn corsets to the ‘90s skeletal almost anorexic look, women have been influenced to squeeze their bodies and suffocate their personalities. Many people judge someone based on external appearances. On the other hand, some people’s insecurities lead them to believe how others perceive them depends on the way they look.
While the macroeconomic fundamentals of economy have improved dramatically over the last three years, the government of the day needs to take utmost care and caution and keep in mind that incre
UML Motorcycles, a joint venture between Florida (US)-based UM International & Lohia Auto, is offering products that have changed the dynamics of transportation and riding in India.