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Stay with covered call strategy

While the Nifty closed last week with nearly 2 per cent gain, the confidence level in the market was rather weak.

Stay with covered call strategy

After staying below its 50-day moving average (DMA) for seven trading sessions, the Nifty finally climbed above the average on Friday. This was a key move for the index.

Easy trade may prove a deceptive trap

Traders who habitually sell out-of-the-money put options to collect small premium got a reminder last week that what appears easy money in the derivatives market comes with risks that can take away

Between last chance & lost chance

The most dumped element in a bull market is, caution.

Correction doesn’t need a reason

The market is largely about sentiment, and anything can take sentiments from one end to the other in a matter of hours.

Stay with puts and diversify risk across sectors

Probably, every trader likes heightened volatility. But when volatility does come, they run for cover.

Keep all options open as results roll in Last week, call option holders made gains, with the Nifty almost breaking its earlier highs and gaining further in a short span of time.
Broad, range bound mode continues An old dictum in the market says never fight a trend. So, for all the fears stalking the street, stay long if the market is moving upward, and do not try to predict when the trend will end.
More consolidation ahead Once again, a scare visited Dalal Street last week. It happened on Thursday.
Keep Focusing on Bank Nifty Will what looked like a profit-booking move end up as a corrective move? That’s the fear derivative traders are nursing now.