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  • Jun 23 2017, 2237

    The deep sense of foreboding was still to set in, lulled as they were by the faux protective shield provided by the linkages through Treaty Relations with British Paramountcy.

  • Jun 19 2017, 2241

    Truth has a mind of its own. It always emerges and the more you bottle it the more it wants to burst out and be heard

  • Jun 16 2017, 2306

    The Indian National Congress or one of its principals Jawaharlal Nehru had a B Team in place to extend its political activism across the spectrum of the Princely States, which

  • Jun 13 2017, 2328

    Rumour, it is said, has a thousand tongues and once hunches and innuendos are added to the mix and made public, you have an incendiary situation like Mandsaur and almost

  • Jun 09 2017, 2220

    As angry rhetoric flew across the border with both Karachi and New Delhi not mincing words, the punch up in Kashmir was getting uglier as Indian forces attempted to chase

  • Jun 07 2017, 2250

    In the normal course, getting off a merry go round is well nigh impossible, and if you are wearing ankle weights — don’t count on it at all. India’s

  • Jun 02 2017, 2244

    In American football, a famous coach once said – don’t throw the ‘ball to the receiver, throw where he is going to be’. The quarterback or the Field general

  • May 31 2017, 2219

    There is no difference of opinion with respect to the accession of state of J & K with India on two main issues, i.e

  • May 26 2017, 2244

    The Nawab of Bhopal Sir Hafiz Hamidullah Khan, saboteur in chief as Chancellor of the Chamber of Princes was constantly looking at ways and means to stay out of

  • May 22 2017, 2242

    It is a short walk between victim hood and blood lust and often these days in Kashmir Valley, the lines blur and they become one and the same thing.