Bubbles Sabharwal
The writer is a theatre director and novelist
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Perfection and the Public Persona

Why are celebrities, successful people, influential people always deemed to be perfect? There is the Public Persona and there is the private persona.

Passion and Purpose: What it takes to become an actor

When an actor acts because he loves it, when he loses himself in his role, that’s passion playing out. Like the rain is in the raining, the actor lives fullest through his acting.

Writer’s Lives and things forgotten

Theatre, movies, television all need content: stories that need to be told. Let me tell you the story of a famous writer of her time. In the mid nineteenth century.

The Longing & Pressures of Actors

All actors whether on stage, television or film face a lot of pressure and at the same time have a “holy” longing to keep performing.

Theatre: The Journey Within

We do theatre workshops all the time, with varying age groups, from 4 years to 34 years!  An oft asked question is, “what is theatre like...?” I reply, “a lot like life!

Theatre and the Art of Improvisation

There is a lovely saying by Flavia Weedn: If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces and begin again.”

Lushin Dubey: Scorches the Stage

Lushin Dubey is a woman of Substance.

Ira Dubey: An Actor’s Delight

My last article was actor centric and about how the spark on stage is lit by the brilliance of a good actor.

Upstaged by Kids!

Admittedly as an actor I don’t relish being upstaged by a child, but as a parent and as a director I know how important it is for them to leave their mark on the world and how important it is to ma

Flaunt The Rules Onstage

Nowhere else would I say this with such candour... but to a stage actor. Or any actor for that matter. The very fact you are a stage actor means you are a risk taker, someone who craves adventure.