• Jun

    Will what looked like a profit-booking move end up as a corrective move? That’s the fear derivative traders are nursing now. Intraday charts and market breadth details show selling

  • Apr

    If last month belonged to call option buyers, this month belongs to neither call option buyers nor those with long positions in put options. Straddle sellers are the lucky

  • Apr

    Once again, the market remained in a no-news-is-good-news mode and gains at the index level were nothing to write home about. But the real strength of market was visible

  • Feb

    We probably had the least volatile budget speech event in recent memory on Wednesday in the first half trading. As the finance minister read out the budget

  • Jan

    The market is going into the budget week with a fair degree of optimism. This was more than evident from the way bears covered their short positions on Wednesday

  • Jan

    It was another week where fortune favoured traders with long positions in call options from the January series. The only thing traders need to do now is to protect

  • Jan

    After almost eight straight weeks luck finally favoured traders with long positions in call options. The Nifty’s rise on Thursday created some discomfort as traders could be

  • Jan

    Options, both call and put, are probably the only instruments that price in the emotions of fear, greed and hope that rule the equity market at any given point.

  • Dec

    After the US Fed’s rate decision the Nifty had a gap down opening but the gap was quickly covered. Despite the major event getting over the

  • Dec

    Globally opinion is divided on whether or not it is easy to make money in derivative instruments. But there is near unanimity on Dalal Street that it is