Editors Column

Corporate lobbying per se is not a crime in several countries. In some countries like the US, lobbying is recognised by both the Senate and the Congress. However, lobbyists have no such luck in India where their work is illegal, illicit and considered unethical.

The permanent closure of the Sterlite copper plant in Tuticorin may not be the right option that the Tamil Nadu government exercised even if it was on environmental considerations. The economic impact on Tamil Nadu is expected to be significant with thousands of families losing their livelihood and possibly coming out on the streets to demand work.

There are some capital market violations that regulators can do little about despite their best intentions. One such violation is ‘dabba trading’ or what was called ‘box trading’ that has been happening for over three decades. This is not the first time that the finance ministry has raised concerns about the practice.

There’s an element of truth in prime minister Narendra Modi’s accusation that his government’s campaign against corruption in the last four years had driven the opposition parties into an unholy alliance. His charge assumes significance because Modi is, in some ways, still an outsider to the Delhi darbar — its other name is Lutyens politics.

A massive vishing racket that defrauded lakhs of gullible individuals and families across states is a grim reminder of vulnerability of online financial transactions. It is interesting that the online racket has its veritable command centre in a remote village of Karmatar in Jharkhand and is run by school dropouts, uneducated and unemployed youth.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes four years in office on Friday. While he gets ready for the final lap before seeking a second term, non-BJP opposition parties have sounded the poll bugle from Bangalore.

The State Bank of India (SBI)’s losses of Rs 7,718 crore reported for January-March 2018 quarter highlights the critical issues bogging the Indian banking industry. Losses at the largest Indian bank, SBI, are not limited to just one but two quarters in continuum. This highlights some crucial issues.

First, it was with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Now, it is with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has held ‘informal, no agenda talks’ that were reportedly substantive in content. The big question is what is expected to be achieved through these purportedly informal sessions with Xi Jinping in Wuhan and President Putin at Sochi.

As reported by this paper, the government is planning to overhaul the process by which civil servants are allocated services.

BS Yeddyurappa’s anti-climactic resignation without facing the trust vote a mere 52-hours after being sworn in as chief minister of Karnataka sends out powerful messages and raises some important questions.