Get a move on, already

Dark clouds roll in and the heavens open up. That is the fear of people living in low lying areas. The fear of the known and unknown and the devastation that flash floods can do in the blink of an eye. Ever since the GDP print of 5.7 per cent has come in, panic has gripped policy mavens and perceptions about the nation’s economic well being have changed dramatically.

Device the mechanisms

Indian medical device industry is sitting on the cusp of transformation — from being a humble and often stressed provider of low end domestic healthcare equipments to aspiring of becoming a global supplier of high end devices of repute. The visionary Make in India programme as rolled out by our prime minister Modi and explicit support assured by various cabinet ministers who are stakeholders of medical device and healthcare sector has spelled the intent to transform the Indian manufacturing landscape and in turn spurred the medical device sector too.

It’s the tried & tested populism for Cong

After hitting prime minister Narendra Modi hard over issues like note ban and GST on the foreign soil, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is challenging the PM at his home turf, while making a strong attempt to counter the BJP’s charges against his party of being ‘anti-Hindu’ and ‘minority appeasers’ by paying obeisance in temples. Gandhi’s move to visit Hindu holy places in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat is being seen as a befitting reply to the hardline Hindutva of the BJP and RSS.

A risky proposition

Augmented reality, face recognition, driverless and electric cars are fast gaining mainstream momentum with companies like Apple, Tesla, Google, Ford and Lyft (among others) determined to embrace technological advantage to offer superior products and disrupt status quo.

Recently, Apple unveiled its new range of phones that bought augmented reality into the realms of actual reality by taking it mainstream and embedding it as an integral part of its product. A wide variety of the changes will not only drive consumption differently, it will also change the eco system around it.

The NPA Cheat sheet

Reserve Bank of India’s June edition of the financial stability report suggested that the gross bad loan ratio is expected to rise to a percentage between 10.2 per cent and 11.2 per cent of the total loan book in March 2018 as compared to 9.6 per cent in March 2017. For public sector banks, things can get uglier — the ratio may go up to 14.8 per cent in March 2018 from 11.4 per cent.

Of tailspins & nosedives

Geopolitical worries were back in focus on Friday with markets witnessing the sharpest single-day fall of 2017.

Investors were also wary of widening fiscal deficit after the Indian finance minister announced the government may come up with measures to revive economic growth. It seems the government is finally taking note of the slowdown instead of talking up the economy.

When good is bad

Rajasthan became fifth state after Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and Karnataka to announce farm debt waiver. This is to counter the problems faced by agriculture sector in India. Stagnating productivity, value of farm proceeds not significantly higher than input used in production has lead to stagnant farm incomes. So long as a long term and sustainable solutions to these issues are not found, farm loan waiver will keep returning at the state or even national level.

Motown Blues

GST promises to be a game changer and the government is dedicated to make it a success with a view to expand the tax net and enhance tax compliance by simplifying tax structure.

While the GST Council has been making all efforts on the simplification part, the automobile segment has been the one facing unpredictability as the council has decided on the cess —over and above the GST rates — to offset any drastic gain by the industry by virtue of implementing GST that subsumes all taxes under one tax.

DISEQUILIBRIUM: The road to success

Even while we were celebrating a second successive monsoon, we have been blindsided by the possibility of a late drought striking large swathes of India — as many as 235 districts (government has been denying this) — may end up facing the prospect. Pertinently, weak dispersal of rains has impacted water storage levels, vital for winter crops.

Coexistence As virtue

Coexistence is the greatest value that we have developed as human beings. Much of the contexts of human evolution in the face of a dominating cultural and natural environment is to believe that either God or powerful humans are in charge, and they make the decisions.