USB Type-C for confusion galore

For over two years now, there has been a combined approach by all the tech manufacturers towards having one universal port that can do everything. And USB Type C is winning the game by showing its presence across all the major tech products such as laptops, TVs, desktop PCs and obviously mobile phones.

Almost all the flagships phones released this year house USB Type C as the proprietary port for charging and data syncing. It is likely that your next phone will have this port. But before you become the part of the future of ports and cables, be sure to know that USB Type C is confusing as of now.

Dubbed as universal connector, USB Type C would mean that having one single connector for all your devices that could do — data syncing, audio-video out, connect to the internet and charge your device. But, in reality, it is not doing what it was intended to do.

While a USB Type C cable can connect to your phone and charge it, it is unlikely that the same cable will be able to provide juice to your laptop. This is primarily because the engineering done for a mobile phone Type C port is completely different from the configuration of the similar port on a laptop. And this is just powering your device.

When it comes to data syncing, USB Type C gets a notch more confusing. Type C cables have a lot to offer with different types of the similar looking cable. USB Type 3, Type 3.1, Type 3.2 and USB Type C thunderbolt cables look exactly the same, even perform the same functions, but at a different speed.

While USB Type 3.1 cable from one manufacturer can transfer data at 5 gigabytes per second, a USB Type C thunderbolt cable can do the same task at 40 gigabytes per second.

But not all is grey with USB Type C. It is likely that any USB Type C cable can do the menial job of powering your phone. But it is up to the makers of laptops and mobile phones that need to find a common ground and make up the most of the Type C port. They should do it quickly to avoid any further confusion as more phones and laptops are housing this port.