Sehat ki charger from Tata
Tata Salt is targeting traffic police, auto rickshaw drivers, bus drivers who spend long hours in the sweltering sun, in its new brand campaign - ‘Sehat ki charger’
Tata Salt from the stable of Tata Chemicals, the pioneer and market leader in India’s branded iodised salt segment, is now targeting cops, especially traffic police, auto rickshaw drivers, bus drivers and those who spend long hours outside on the street in the sweltering summer, sweating and panting helplessly, in its new brand campaign- ‘Sehat ki charger’. The new innovative brand campaign aims at creating awareness on the importance of salt and water in fighting dehydration during the summers, top company officials said.
Tata Salt has also roped in famed consultant nutritionist and health expert Hena Nafis t o educate the consumers about how the extreme heat can also lead to loss of energy, fatigue and dizziness leading to physical exertion. In line with this insight, Tata Salt ideated an easy to consume, real time solution to keep consumers hydrated and energised.
“Nowadays, people are extremely careful about their health and often monitor how many calories they consume. However, they can often be negligent when it comes to monitoring their consumption of water and essential minerals. During the summers, consumers believe that drinking water is the one-stop solution to all problems that include fatigue, dehydration and dizziness among others.
However, many are unaware of the fact that the root cause of these is the loss of sodium and essential minerals from the body. As a brand, we would like to educate people about this in an innovative way which is why we chose to provide energy shots that use Tata Salt as an ingredient and help replenish the lost salt from the body. We hope that this activity will create a strong emotional connect amongst our consumers and take us a step further in creating an iron strong nation,” said Sagar Boke, head–marketing, consumer products business, Tata Chemicals.
The new campaign, according to him, serves the dual purpose of staying hydrated and avoiding extended exposure to the sun and heat during the daytime. It goes well with the brand promise of ‘Desh ki Sehat, Desh ka Namak’.
As part of the new campaign strategy, the company will be distributing special “Energy Shots”, an energy drink made of Tata Salt and purified water. The ‘Sehat ka Charger’ would help not only restock the loss of sodium and essential minerals but also would improve absorption of water in the body thus preventing the consumers from suffering with loss of energy or low sodium levels.
The key objective behind this campaign has been to give relief to the ‘pillars of our nation’ such as traffic policemen, auto rickshaw drivers, bus drivers, and consumers during the unbearable summers. “The ‘pillars of our nation’ work tirelessly under the hot sun for hours together. During the extreme summers, especially in cities close to the ‘Tropic of Cancer’, people sweat a lot and the body tends to lose water and essential minerals such as sodium and potassium which needs to be replaced on a timely basis,” said company officials, adding that the whole thing is driven by the company’s philosophy of harnessing the fruits of science for goals that go beyond business. “The company and the brand always focus on LIFE-Living, Industrial and Farm Essentials.”
Ritwik Mukherjee